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PSMLA Member Benefits

PSMLA Member Benefits


Membership Benefits and Rates

Read about many of our member benefits below. Download our PSMLA Member Benefits brochure to learn about all the benefits to which members are entitled. You can join us with an Individual Membership or sign up with your colleagues for a $10 discount per person with our School Group Membership.

Professional Growth

Network with Other Language Teachers

  • Collaborate with language educators and experts from across Pennsylvania.
  • Follow PSMLA on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Share and access items of interest and job openings via PSMLA News email updates and a new and improved website.


  • Access the Pennsylvania Language Forum, a journal published annually that features articles on teaching strategies, lesson plans, project ideas, and research for world language teachers.
  • Receive seasonal newsletters and regular news updates.
  • Share your expertise by submitting to these publications.

Help Students Develop Global Competency

  • With minimal cost to schools, PSMLA members can join the Global Scholars Program, a new and exciting initiative to recognize students who are dedicated to the study of world languages and participate in interdisciplinary studies and activities that are global in nature.

Advocate for World Language Instruction

  • Take part in the PEP (PSMLA Exemplary Program) Award process to gain state recognition for your school's world language program and to incentivize improvements that will have a meaningful and measurable effect on the learning outcomes of students.
  • PSMLA partners with local, state, and national organizations (ACTFL, JNCL-¬≠NCLIS, NECTFL, AATs, PACIE) to support world language education advocacy.  Members stay updated on advocacy efforts through email alerts and other publications.
  • Apply for scholarships and nominate your colleagues and students for awards.

Follow the links above to learn more about what PSMLA has to offer you, your colleagues, and your school.