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PLF 2016 Supplemental Materials

PLF 2016 Supplemental Materials

Supplemental Materials

Find additional information, resources, activities, and more by clicking on the links to the related articles published in the print version of PLF.

Donde duermen los niños: An Intermediate Spanish Lesson about Childhood Experiences through the Lens of Social Justice  Rich Madel

Flexible Instructional Day  Elana Foster Kreiss

Cultural Portfolios for Post-Secondary and Secondary Language Classes  Dr. Christina Huhn, Leanne Lentz

Journeys With Journals: Encouraging Language Learning Through Creative Writing  Dr. Melissa Survinski

Yonkoma Manga for Facilitating Interpersonal and Presentational Communication  Junko Yamamoto

Discover Paris with Jules Verne   Anna E. Hudson

The Hermione: The Ship, Life Aboard, and Notable Passengers
The Hermione: PowerPoint Lesson   Dr. Maria G. Traub