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Global Scholars Program

Global Scholars Program

PSMLA Global Scholars Program

PSMLA introduces a new initiative to recognize students in Pennsylvania who participate in interdisciplinary studies and activities that are global in nature in order to: 

  • Develop global awareness or competency.  
  • Better prepare themselves for personal and professional success in an increasingly global society. 

The Global Scholars Program is intended to be adapted to individual schools’ curricula (does not require any new courses) and is able to be implemented at little or no cost to the school and the number of graduates has been increasing since 2016.

List of Schools Participating in the PSMLA Global Scholars Program

PSMLA is proud to recognize the efforts and dedication of advisors who have supported the PSMLA Global Scholars program in their schools to lead to PSMLA Global Scholars graduates in two consecutive years with the PSMLA Global Educator Certificate.

List of PSMLA Global Educators

For more information and if your school is interested in participating in the PSMLA Global Scholars Program, read the 

View the Global Scholars recorded webinar from March 3, 2022.